Event Team

Gail Shackley — Team Lead


Gail reconnected to Rollerworld thanks to the internet in 1997 and quickly made lots of new friends, attending events and gigs around the world.

In 1999 she organised a fan gathering in London attended by Les McKeown and had to find a bigger venue with three weeks to go when registration requests kept coming in!

In 2000 she organised the UK2K fan gathering in Edinburgh with a committee of four others (London taught her these things are easier to put together when the work can be shared!) Les McKeown’s Legendary Bay City Rollers provided the entertainment and more than £2000 was raised for Radio Lollipop (Edinburgh Children’s Hospital Radio).

In 2001 she organised Don’t Let The Music Die, a fan gathering in Liverpool with a committee of four.   Bay City Rollers tribute band Fab 208 provided the entertainment and  band member Derek Longmuir was in attendance participating in a Q & A session for attendees (and an impromptu drum performance with Fab 208 – playing Shang-a-Lang!)


Over the years, Gail has also attended fan events in Toronto, Boston, Atlanta, New Orleans and Edinburgh.

Proud Son of Edinburgh Remembered’, while not a fan gathering, will be a celebration of Alan Longmuir’s life and legacy; it will be all about Alan, something Gail would have preferred not to be doing, but which she feels honoured to be organising alongside an amazingly talented committee.

Gillian Watkins


Gillian Watkins organised, along with Elaine Stewart and Lesley Stirrat a Rollermania evening in May 2016 in Ryries Bar Edinburgh which seems to have become, as Alan described in his book, a ” Roller Mecca” ! Gillian also organised with Graeme Whitehead, Elaine & Lesley, the Bay City Roller plaque Dedication Day held in Ryries in November 2016 where a plaque honouring the Rollers donated by Margaret Black was unveiled by the then Lord Provost of Edinburgh.

She,  along with Graeme initiated and administers Derek Longmuir’s Official Facebook page, with Derek’s endorsement and support.

Lesley Stirrat


Lesley Stirrat or ‘Tartan Elf‘ as she is also known has one passion in life secondary to her love of the Rollers and that is tartan. Lesley has been sewing with tartan for many years and has designed and crafted beautiful tartan room decor for several Roller events including the Rollermania evening in Ryries and the Plaque Dedication Day.  Alan Longmuir had and regularly wore several items made by Lesley.

As a traditional Kiltmaker she has just, along with Eileen, designed a beautiful tartan in Alan’s honour. The Official Alan Longmuir Proud Son of Edinburgh tartan is now part of the Register of Tartan and is part of Scottish history.  Lesley is about to begin a kilt in Alan’s tartan for a member of the Longmuir family.

She is also a Merchandise Manager for a punk band and is on the committee for an annual local music festival honouring two local musicians in the community who passed away recently.

Susan Rostron


Susan Roston, our American on the team is from the Philadelphia area. She has attended seven Bay City Rollers fan gatherings/events. She was the team lead for the 40th Anniversary Event held in Philadelphia in 2015, as well as the organizer for the Flash Mob Event in NYC later that same year. She was also part of the production team responsible for the sold out North American premiere of LRStageworks’s I Ran With The Gang, The Story Of Alan Longmuir, The Original Bay City Roller.

Susan has over 20 years experience in the Philadelphia music scene and does event/concert photography.  She is also the editor of ASoulfulSound.com a music zine that covers live music events and introduces her readers to new music.

Eileen Longmuir


Eileen who needs absolutely no introduction has been named this event’s honourary Ambassador.  Eileen, Alan’s devoted and loving wife, has given the event and the team her full support and blessing.



CONTACT:  ProudSonOfEdinburgh@yahoo.com