Event Keepsakes

Attendees of The Proud Son Of Edinburgh event will have a special opportunity, outside of Alan’s immediate family, to acquire items from the first weave of this gorgeous tartan that commemorates Alan’s legendary legacy.


Just a wee snippet of some of the items which will be available in Alan Longmuir Proud Son of Edinburgh Tartan from the Memorial Event in June onwards x  Eileen Longmuir

Items (in limited quantity) available at the event will include:*

  • scarves 
  • boxed frames with celtic art design
  • table runners 
  • fridge magnets
  • book marks, etc.
  • a piece of female apparel that will be on display for order


*select items may be from second weave


This event is now a global event with friends, family and fans flying in from all across the world!  FOUR CONTINENTS! 

We know these items will be in demand and very popular.  Don’t worry!  Items will be made available for general sale after the event, but in fairness to those who have invested in attending, they will be given priority to purchase event keepsake items.

Thank you for understanding.

A Message From Our Tartan Experts:

“There are thousands upon thousands of tartans. Many of them , like Royal Stewart which Alan wore back in the day, are widely available commercially in many different forms. Alan’s new tartan is made up as what is called a special weave & has to be specially commissioned. Here’s an example of how this works. If you wanted a sweater knitted, you might buy a pattern & take it to someone who could knit it up for you. A special weave is a bit like that. We now have the “pattern” for Alan’s tartan but we have to go to the mill to have it made up. A weave is normally 60 metres. If you want more, you need to “book” mill time, approx. 8 weeks lead time. We had 60 metres of Alan’s tartan. Some is for Longmuir family requests, the remainder can be sold to fans. There isn’t a load left so it simply is not possible to make up enough to go on general sale. The Proud Son of Edinburgh Remembered event will feature however many first weave items we can make up. We appreciate that means not everyone will be able to purchase the ” first weave” items so we hope you can see that there is a practical reason for this. We can only work with what we have available. Please be assured that everyone will have the opportunity to purchase however much you want going forward. This tartan is causing quite a buzz amongst the tartan & kilt making community and we believe it is going to become a very sought after tartan so all of us who are able to acquire some of it will be very privileged. We hope you are all looking forward to owning yours”



Designer: Stirrat, Lesley J & Longmuir, Eileen

Tartan date: 01/09/2018

Registration date: 26 November 2018

Category: Name

Restrictions: Yes. For the exclusive use of the designers, the Longmuir family and descendants.

Prepared for weaving by Marton Mills

Registration notes: Designed as the official tartan to honour Alan Longmuir, an original and founding member of the Bay City Rollers. Alan was a proud son of Edinburgh and a true gentleman who brought happiness to so many. The colours were chosen for their sentiment: green for the Ochil Hills; purple for the heather; dark blue symbolises the Bannock Burn; blue was a favourite of Alan’s and light red representing pink, a favourite of both designers: his wife Eileen and friend Lesley. The designers wish to acknowledge the generous support from John Hepburn, a friend who shared the vision of honouring Alan with this tartan.

Note: This tartan was registered in the official Scottish Register of Tartans.


(team members Gillian, Lesley and Eileen at unveiling)