When is this event?

The event will take place on Friday 21 June, 2019 with an ice-breaker event on Thursday evening 20 June, 2019

Where is the event being held?

This event is being held at McQ’s in Bannockburn, Scotland. Venue information can be found here .

How much does it cost to attend?

Information can be found here

Why is there a fee to attend?

This event is a fan run, fan funded event.  Similar to fan gatherings, a team organises the event and from registration fees pay for things like venue rental, food, room decor, entertainment, etc.   

How do we register?

Please click HERE for Registration Instructions

What do we receive with registration?

A list of what is included with your registration can be found here.  

Will there be any entertainment?

Yes! We are in the process of finalizing and confirming the evening’s entertainment.  These details will be announced once finalised.  Updates as they are finalised can be found here.

What else is on the programme?

We are in the process of finalizing the day’s events and will announce as they become confirmed.

Will any of Alan’s band mates be in attendance?

Alan’s friends, family and business associates have been invited. Since this event is about Alan and his legacy, it is our goal to keep the event focused on that. Announcements about “special guests” will most likely be shared via email to attendess only.

What is your cancellation policy?

As with the nature of fan-driven and funded events, we are unable to provide refunds.  If you are unable to attend after registration, please consider your registration fee as a donation to the event as monies will have been spent/allocated for things like venue cost, food, entertainment, etc.

Will there be keepsake items for sale?

Yes. We we will have a lovely array of keepsake items priced in all levels of affordability.  You can find information on what will be available at the event here.  

Will there be items for auction/raffle?

YES!  Brings lots of dosh as we will have some amazing items available.  We hope to “tease out” a few items soon.  Information about our auctions and raffles can be found here.

Has a charity been chosen for fundraising?

Yes, the proceeds from auctions will go to CHAS Children’s Hospices Across Scotland.  For more information of the wonderful work they do, please click here.